Therapy Intensive Sessions

A therapy intensive Is an accelerated form of therapy designed to help you go deeper into your emotions, to address stuck points in therapy, and to potentially resolve the effects of trauma faster. Instead of attending therapy one hour per week for a year, some people benefit from intensively meeting for a period of 3 hours over 1-3 days to address specific issues such as a past traumatic event or an upcoming significant life event.  I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) during the therapy intensive sessions. These modalities focus on the neuro-biological basis of trauma.

Therapy intensive are held in Beaverton, Oregon and Denver, Colorado.
Who can benefit from therapy intensives?

Therapy intensives are perfect for people that are ready for relief now. If you’re ready to see things change in your life and your relationships, but you don’t want to wait for that to happen next year, a therapy intensive maybe right for you. If you have a specific topic, trauma or stressor that you want support with this can be the focus of your therapy intensive.  This dedicated time will be customized specifically to you and your goals.

Why should I do a therapy intensive instead of a normal 50 minute therapy session?

The only reason 50 minute weekly therapy sessions are typically part of a treatment plan is because insurance companies only allow up to an hour of therapy once a week. Unfortunately, this  standard is often not useful for some clinical situations, particularly when working with traumatic issues. Therapy intensive are more effective and efficient than normal 50 minute therapy sessions. Typically in a 50 minute session, there are at least 5 to 10 minutes of “Check-in” at the start of the session, and usually, 5 to 10 minutes spent on “Closing up or checking out” at the end of a session. It leaves only 30 to 40 minutes for deep therapeutic work. Therapy intensives are different. A three hour therapy intensive allows for 2 1/2 hours of depth work. Intensive sessions occur for three hours a day over a 1 to 3 day.

How many intensive days should I schedule?

Great question! This depends on your goals for the therapy and intensive. Some goals can be reached in one day intensive three hours, but other goals are more complex and may require a three day intensive. I could help you determine the number of days that would work best for your therapy goals.

If I already have a primary therapist, can I do an intensive adjunct therapy?
Absolutely! Therapy intensives work very well as adjunct therapy. I often see clients for limited therapy session specifically focused on trauma resolution, while the primary therapist addresses other important issues.  I would ask that you sign a release of information so that your current therapist and I can collaborate and coordinate to best serve you.
Can my insurance help pay for Therapy intensives?

Unfortunately, Therapy intensives are not covered by insurance.

What are the costs and when is payment due?
I conduct therapy intensive sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.  The cost of a one day therapy intensive is $950 on a weekday and $1100 on weekends.  A 50% nonrefundable deposit is due at the time you book your therapy intensive. The remaining 50% is due on the first day of the intensive session.
What if I’m interested in a therapy intensive but I’m not 100% sure?

Let’s schedule a time to talk! I’m happy to answer any questions and explore your unique situation to see if a therapy intensive may be helpful for you.